Welcome to my new site. In response to many requests, were loading it with feature rich content. Audio and video clips, original music available as PDFs, and custom made videos, midi and Disklavier files. Blending music and technology, Private Lessons are now available in the following formats: In person, via phone, audio cassette, mini disc, midi files, video (VHS/Mini DV/DVD), and introducing Internet lessons via video conferencing! Youll also be able to purchase my CDs, Books, and Videos.

So in these Modern Days and Nights, take The Cutting Edge musical journey to Another World, listen to some Tunes You Thought You Knew, and learn about Jazz Piano Lineage. Follow your Intuition, set up your own Timeline. In this Process of Illumination, get to Know More, discover the Secret of the Andes, have an Epiphany, use your Magic Fingers to play Tons of Runs. Sing like Shania! Together, well find out Where We Were, and before we say Farewell, achieve Peace of Mind. Its A Nice Idea!

Andy LaVerne