Selected Discography

As A Leader

Another World, For Us (Duo w/Mike Richmond), Frozen Music, Fountainhead (duo w/Dave Samuels), Nosmo King (duo w/John Abercrombie), Now It Can Be Played, In The Mood For A Classic (solo piano), Serenade To Silver, Severe Clear, Glass Ceiling, Universal Mind (duo w/Richie Beirach), Too Grand (duo w/Richie Beirach), Buy One Get One Free (Piano/Disklavier duet), Bill Evans: Person We Knew (duo w/Larry Schneider), Standard Eyes, Tadd’s Delight (solo piano), Bud’s Beautiful, Stan Getz In Chappaqua, Another World Another Time, Between Earth And Mars (w/Dave Samuels), Know More, Pianissimo, Shades of Light (duo w/Conrad Herwig), Timeline( duo w/John Abercrombie), Intuition (duo w/Jerry Bergonzi), A Nice Idea (duo w/John Abercrombie), All Ways

Process of Illumination, Epiphany, Peace of Mind

Time Well Spent, Live At Maybeck Hall (solo piano)

Vertical Reality, First Tango In New York, Natural Living (duo w/John Abercrombie)

Pleasure Seekers, Double Standard, Four Miles

Liquid Silver, Jazz Piano Lineage (solo piano), Magic Fingers w/Chuck Loeb

Double Time Records:
Where We Were (duo w/John Abercrombie), Modern Days And Nights, The Cutting Edge

Captain Video

Pony Canyon:
True Colors

Plays The Music Of Chick Corea

The Spirit of ‘76

See How It Feels (Brubeck/LaVerne Trio)

Legend, Mythology

As A Sideman

w/Larry Schneider:
Just Cole Porter (SteepleChase)
Blind Date (SteepleChase)
Mohawk (SteepleChase)
Inner Voice (SteepleChase)
Jazz (SteepleChase)
It Might As Well Be Spring (SteepleChase)

w/Bob Rockwell:
Born To Be Blue (SteepleChase)
Shades Of Blue (SteepleChase)

w/Jerry Bergonzi:

Tilt (Red)
Conjuction (IPI)

w/Ivar Antonsen:

Dream Come True (Gemini)

w/Bill Washer:


w/Neil Sedaka:

Tales of Love And Other Passions (Event)
Tales of Love (Artful)

w/Dara Sedaka:

What’s New (Paddle Wheel)

w/Frank Sinatra:
The Main Event (Reprise)

w/Stan Getz:
Another World (Columbia)
Children Of The World (Columbia)
Live At Midem (RCA)
Academy Of Jazz (PolJazz)

w/Woody Herman:
Giant Steps (Fantasy)
Thundering Herd (Fantasy)
Herd At Montreux (Fantasy)
Children Of Lima (Fantasy)
King Cobra (Fantasy)

w/Carmen Cuesta:
One Kiss (Bean)

w/Eddie Daniels:
Brief Encounter (Muse)

w/Lee Konitz:
Nonet (Roulette)

w/Ted Curson:
Jubilant Power (Inner City)

w/Yoshio “Chin” Suzuki:
Matsuri (CBS Sony)
Wings (Trio)

w/Ryo Kawasaki:
Juice (RCA)
Eight Mile Road (East Wind)

w/Richard Sussman:
Tributaries (Inner City)

w/Mike Richmond:
Dream Waves (Inner City)

w/Fred Hand:
Volume One (Hamreem)

w/Tom Kniffic:
Home Bass (Jazzheads)
Siena (Sea Breeze Records)

w/Renata Artman Kniffic:
West of Everywhere (Sea Breeze Records)

w/Steve Davis:
Quality Of Silence (DMP)

w/Mike Radi:
Dream of Flight (Clavebop)

w/Danny Gottlieb:
The Niarobi Trio (Jazz Classics)

w/Ernie Krivda:
Focus on Stan Getz (Cadence Jazz Records)

w/Louis Smith:
Soon (SteepleChase)

w/Frank Tiberi
Tiberian Mode (NY JAM Records)

w/Tom Harrell:
Quartet (IPI)

w/Various Artists
Jam Session, Volume 1 (SteepleChase)
Jam Session, Volume 3 (SteepleChase)
Jam Session, Volume 5 (SteepleChase)
Jam Session, Volume 7 (SteepleChase)
Jam Session, Volume 8 (SteepleChase)
Jam Session, Volume 9 (SteepleChase)
Jam Session, Volume 11 (SteepleChase)
Jam Session, Volume 12 (SteepleChase)
Tribute To Carl Jefferson (Concord)
Bill Evans A Tribute (BlackHawk)

Midi Recordings:
Andy LaVerne Jazz Soloist/Mainstream (Band In A Box/PG Music)
Andy LaVerne Jazz Soloist/Pentatonic (Band In A Box/PG Music)

Yamaha Disklavier discs:
By Name Only (Yamaha PianoSoft)
In Walked Bud (Yamaha PianoSoft)
Why Ask Why (Yamaha PianoSoft Plus)

Andy LaVerne’s Guide to Modern Jazz Piano, Volume 1 (Homespun Tapes)
Andy LaVerne’s Guide to Modern Jazz Piano, Volume 2 (Homespun Tapes)
Jazz Piano Standards (Homespun Tapes)
In Concert, duo w/John Abercrombie (Homespun Tapes)

w/Frank Sinatra:
The Main Event (Warner Reprise Video)

w/Woody Herman:
Zurich Concert (VidJazz)

w/Anton Fig:
In The Groove (DCI Music Video)