Andy LaVerne’s Guide to Modern Jazz Piano, Vol. 1

Study with a jazz piano virtuoso and jam with some of the hottest contemporary players! Gain the music theory and technical knowledge needed for advanced playing, improvising and arranging. Andy LaVerne delves into the intricacies of jazz improvisation, chord voicings, rhythm comping and other techniques in the modern jazz styles developed by Chick Corea, McCoy Tyner, Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarrett, Bill Evans and Andy himself.

Starting with a study of scales and modes, Andy teaches arrangements for pop standards, dissects chord changes, explores blues/jazz soloing and gives you essential improvising tools.

You'll use Andy's teachings in both solo or ensemble playing: A series of practice sessions, recorded with and without the piano, allow you to play along with. and be a part of, the group's creative process!

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Andy LaVerne’s Guide to Modern Jazz Piano, Vol. 2

Continue your studies in modern jazz piano with this information-packed video lesson. Renowned jazz pianist Andy LaVerne provides you with the music theory and technical knowledge that you need to master beautiful tunes and acquire advanced playing skills. He analyzes several of his own compositions -"I.R.S.," "Circadian Rhythm," "Suzy'sWorld" - and a reharmonized version of the standard "All The Things You Are," detailing the scales, modes, voicings, chord progressions and other vital subject matter you need to bring your understanding of jazz piano into focus.

Andy records each tune on the Yamaha Disklavier, an acoustic piano equipped with a computer that stores the performances on a disk. He then plays the disk back at half-speed and gives a full explanation as you hear the music in note-for-note detail, a successful teaching technique he pioneered on his Homespun video, "Jazz Piano Standards."

Andy is backed up by a band of top jazz artists, who perform each tune in its entirety, using duo, trio and quartet formats to illustrate various aspects of the songs. By the end of this video, you'll add color and excitement to your own jazz solos and sharpen your skills in improvising and arranging.

Jazz Piano Standards

Explore six beautiful jazz standards and learn chord changes, voicings, embellishments and other essential tools to broaden your jazz vocabulary. Andy teaches both basic and complex versions of each song while recording it on the Yamaha Disklavier. As he replays the disk at half-speed, he gives a detailed explanation of the music. Andy's reharmonization (a different chordal structure under the melody) and contrafacts (a new melody composed over the original chord structure) for each tune complete this in-depth lesson from a master of improvisation.

Songs: "Just Friends," "My Romance," "How Deep Is The Ocean," "Night And Day," "Body And Soul," "Like Someone In Love."

"Instructional in a straightforward way." - Jazziz

LaVerne's demonstrations of alternative voicings, outright reharmonizations and melodic variations are on the money. . . . (His) solid session is one that will challenge serious students of mainstream jazz piano. -- Jazz Times

Student Review:
"I was so impressed with Andy LaVerne's Guide To Modern Jazz Piano that I bought Jazz Piano Standards also. Thank you and Andy for such a marvelous idea, both in the ground covered and the exceptional clarity and imagination with which it was achieved. The split-screen idea and the use of the Disklavier is inspired and really does put the student as near as possible into a personal lesson with Andy LaVerne who is just wonderful." Graeme Davies

John Abercrombie and Andy LaVerne in Concert

Invite two jazz masters into your living room for a concert you'll enjoy watching again and again! Pianist Andy LaVerne and guitarist John Abercrombie present a superb set of live jazz, as they explore and expand the inspiring duo format developed by their mentors Jim Hall and Bill Evans. Complemented by backstage interviews and conversations. "Sweet And Lovely," "John's Waltz," "How Deep Is The Ocean," "The Quality Of Your Silence," "I Hear A Rhapsody," "I Loves You Porgy," "Dream Team," "By Name Only."

"Having been friends and played together since the late 60's this duet of piano and guitar has appeared on two prior recordings. The two were inspired by the Bill Evans and Jim Hall duets and recordings. Abercrombie has that big warm clear tone of Hall's and in his ensemble work reminds me of some of Hall's 50's work with Chico Hamilton. LaVerne has a lot of Evans right hand but also George Shearing in solos and the ensemble voicings such as in 'I Hear A Rhapsody' and his own 'Dream Team,' a tune that has that joyful feel of Bobby Troup or Dave Frishberg. The 70 odd minutes have some black and white interview footage talking about influences, instruments and ways of playing. 'Sweet and Lovely" has warm, lush lines while Abercrombie's 'John's Waltz' is one of my favorites in the lines and clear tones they develop. Both have a deep sense of rhythm that they generate; and take the responsibility required to fill a complex duo format. As Andy says the are 'harmonically on the same wave length.' Abercrombie switches to an acoustic plug-in for the mellow and round warmth on 'Porgy.'" - Victory Review

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